Skydancer War Cry: "Lux Ascendat!"

Creed: "Better to die in sunlight than to live in darkness."

Mantra: "As the sun passes unnerringly in the heavens, so shall I proceed along my course."

Solar Cross The great goddess.  She that was before all and will remain at the end of time.  Legends speak that the goddess of the Sun was, perhaps, not the first of dieties, born of an even greater union of cosmos and sky, yet she is the greatest that remains.  Her radient face watches down upon the world during the day, bestowing life upon the world, and she sleeps beneath the vast ocean when it is again time for her rest.  Very rarely does she treat to descend to the world of men, weather in mortal form or in visions, prefering to remain aloof, bestowing her wisdom upon her people in signs and portents.  Her followers are scions of the good, yet can be as harsh as their mistress when needed.  Their duties are to watch over the whole of the world, whether as judges, just rulers, or travelling protectors.  They are forbidden to allow their fears to control them, striding like the light of the sun into all adversity.  Her emblem is the solar cross, made of finest gold.

Alignment:  Neutral Good

Domains:  Death, Fire, Healing, Sun