Rainweaver War Cry: Whatever the priest feels like at the time.

Creed: "See the falling rain. It cleanses and purifies. Left behind is beauty."

Mantra: "I can willingly serve a goddess who's fucking crazy. I can take this."

DiskThe goddess of the soul and the weather, she is venerated among farming communities as much as Earthmother.  An ephemeral goddess, her mood changes with the season's weather and her nature shifts with the faces of the moon.  Some days she is open and generous, others she is guarded and withholding.  All know, however, that she is easily flattered by praise over her great beauty and rewards fine and original compliments.  When chosing to manefest her presence, she will form as a ghostly image and borrow the forms of her worshippers as needed.  The priesthood of the goddess is filled with those who are able to maintain their reverence and love in the face of extreme mood swings, and their duties consist mainly of serving as conduits for the whims and wisdom of the goddess and of serving as intermediaries to her for the people who need the benefit of her favor.  Her emblem is a finely wrought disk of silver, though priests are advised to change it to whatever their goddess wants at a moment's notice.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Air, Magic, Trickery, Weather