The Provinces of Aladagia c. 215 CE (Council Era)

Political MapThe council lands of Aladagia, as well as the allied Concordat of Kent are separated into provinces for more ease in government. While the Council deals with the nation-spanning agendas, the provincial governments dictate more local matters. This has led often to problems, especially in the non-distant abandonment of the council lands by the Elves and Dwarves, when the regional governors overstep their bounds. It is interesting to note that nobility in the traditional sense is lacking in the human lands of Aladagia, since the society was founded in war and eventually had more land than people to work it. The closest things to a "noble" are the knights of Kent, whose titles are not hereditary though lineages are respected, and the provincial governors. It should be noted, also, that while the Council has a broad command and ability to set policy, the provinces under their governors are nearly completely autonomous in how they choose to deal with policy that is not impacted by foreign affairs; i.e. the Council has the final say on matters related to war efforts, but local policy is seldom dictated by the Council unless it would impact the wars.

The Concordat of Kent

The Concordat is divided up into three provinces and one ambiguously controlled front, each of which maintains varying degrees of military readiness and need. In entirety, the Concordat is under the command of the Grand General, who oversees the effort and reports to the Council. Currently this post is filled by Lord Rhasal Goldmere, who keeps his seat in Westcoast.

Contested Lands

This is the area of the isthmus that separates the Orcish Empire and the rest of the continent. The fortifications here are extreme, and the Orcish and the Kentish wage nearly constant battles across the span. Those living in the area are perhaps the most mixed of any in all the lands, as the area changes hands so often that both sides long ago decided not to kill their opposing civilians there, as it would soon lead to their own being killed. The nominal governor of these lands is Sir Uhlian Windsong, a strategist of great skill.

West Kent

Perhaps the most able military stronghold of the non-Orcish parts of the continent, West Kent contains the most rigorously trained of all the Concordat, and, in fact, all citizens are required to have a functioning knowledge of warfare in order to defend the province should an Orcish attack break through the contested lands. The capitol of the province is Wyrmhaven, a small castle city situated at the edge of the northern mountains, from which Lord Sebuhr Cragwalker governs.


A frequently debated topic is whether this province actually belongs to the Concordat or the Council Lands proper. For now the answer is that it belongs to the Concordat, as its current boundaries place it as a tactical point that needs to be run by the military expertise of the Knights. It is from here that most ships are launched to raid the Orcish coast. The capitol is Moonrest, located on the westernmost coast of the province. It is governed by Sir Noldran Heartrose.

East Kent

Far from the normal bustle of the ever-renewing war with the Orcish, East Kent is nonetheless part of the lands considered to be part of the Concordat. It holds much of the great forest which is a prominent place for young knights to track and fight creatures to prove their prowess, and many knights go to the war in the west that were raised here. The capitol of the province is Woodedge, located, appropriately enough, on the northeast border of the forest. Currently the governor is Lady Corela Silverdust, who is in the seat of her deceased husband, but nonetheless is a great warrior in her own right.

The Council of Aladagia

Away from the threat of the Orcish, the Council lands theoretically include all land not claimed by the orcs or the Concordat. However, this is not the true fact. The entire subcontinent of the Vale has long been the home of elves, dwarves, and halflings that have chosen to exempt themselves from the dictates of the council, and the rest of the continent is frontier that has been unclaimed by any faction in the sense that matters, building cities upon it. Furthermore, the Theocracy of Arkand has recently broken away from the tenuous council rule it once was under, taking an entire sub-continent and making two former provinces little more than battlegrounds for the few able-bodied men and women that resided there. Thus, in fact, the Council Lands encompass some 300,000 square miles of contiguous territory, accounting for perhaps a quarter of the lands of Aladagia.


The northernmost province of the council lands, Northedge is perhaps the safest area of the entire region. Surrounded on two sides by the well-fortified lands of the Concordat, and above all the other Council Lands, the only possible method of direct attack from any party would by through the fjord-broken coast, a very difficult prospect. However, if a foreign power could break through, it would have a dead run on the Capitol or the center of the Concordat. This is a problem that Governor Sebel Crystaldawn is well aware of, and part of the reason that a member of the seafaring clan was installed as governor. His capitol city is Rockdeep, built on the edge of the ocean and well fortified. It is, in fact, believed that this might have been the first city and landing point of the humans on their arrival, supported by the buildings that are much older than many others in the Council Lands.


Perhaps the most vulnerable Council province to Orcish attack, Seablade hosts a constant garrison of warriors prepared for the eventuality that the Orcish Empire recover its shipbuilding technology. There is no better place in the Council Lands to go for training in the arts of the warrior, and many Knights of Kent are recruited from here. The capitol city is Firekeep, located inland, and another major city is Dawnbay on the water. The governor is Lady Nolina Nerhebek Bonecry, a woman whose renowned beauty is overshadowed by her capacity to ruthlessly achieve any goal she sets out to attain.


The lands surrounding the Council City are known only as the Capitol. These hilly but well-provided lands are under the sole jurisdiction of the Council and those that oversee the needs of the government. The only other habitation of note in the area is Nightower, which surrounds an immense keep of dark stone set to watch the surrounding countryside. There is no governor, as the Council or their aides oversee the day-to-day business.


A well-situated area, all this province really lacks is forestland. Flat farmland, well irrigated by two major rivers, flows into the wide but sheltered bay that gives the province its name. It is said that here was where the attack against the Orcish shipyards was launched from, and the city on the bay, Steelhaven, shows all the signs of a former well-honed naval power. However, now the martial aspects have given in to a mercantile effort, and the province is almost completely dominated by the Crystaldawn family, who run most of the details of water-based business. Oddly enough, the governor is Squire Rahlock Whitesnow, who just wandered into the province one day and was the governor the next. Those who would wish to remove him from the seat are either too scared or too confused to make a unified attempt. However, he does seem to be doing a good job of it.


Situated on lake-country in the mountains and foothills of the central council-lands, this land is harsh and demanding. Very few citizens have chosen to live here, and the only village is Windspire, arrayed around the foremost magic school in the lands. It is no surprise that Mistress Lahalai Moonthorn, preeminent archmage, sits as governor.


Set between two immense rivers the Sunplains have an equal mix of fertile plains and thin, readily harvestable forest. If trade developed a method for spreading further, the Sunplains would easily become the breadbasket of the region. As it stands, those who live here are very happy for the time, but look towards a very bleak future should the three provinces below fall to the Theocracy. The major city is Graydawn, set on a smaller river and on the edge of the forest, with a good vantage of the entire province from its watchtower. From here the land is overseen by Governor Lyekh Darkblood, a sociable older fellow who has done much to erase the negative stereotypes his family suffers from the view of the public.


Beyond the wall of mountains, set in rocky country, the citizens of Northvale survive nonetheless. This province is still home to some of the elves that chose to remain in the Council, who reside in the forested areas of the land. The region does have a slight penchant for lawlessness, protected as it is from the Council and its martial strength by mountains. Numerous small coves and several large bays make the region excellent for piracy, yet the citizens have begun to show their nationalism by directing their raids mostly against Arkandite vessels whenever possible. As many would expect, the governor, ruling from Saltbreeze, is Captain Perek Blacksteel, a foppish man, but deadly with a blade.


The counterpart to the lawlessness of Northvale, this province practices a studied indifference. Much less civilized than the other valley-state, Southvale is also home to many dwarves that remain in the council. The surface lands are peppered with small settlements of rugged individuals that make their livings from hunting, fishing, and herding for the most part. In some places the odd mix of dwarven pragmatism and human ambition has created what are known in other areas as Vikings. These barbarian raiders regularly contest with the pirates of Northvale for the best catches, and all too often a good raid has been stolen by a dastardly ship of pirates. This is taken in good humor, and the Southvaleans have also done their civic duty by raiding mostly Arkandite villages. It remains to be seen whether the Theocracy will continue inland or try to conquer the vale provinces for their impudence. The governor is Rahcras Icemist.


This is a land fearing for the worst. The two provinces below it have all but fallen and even should the Council mobilize an army soon, the region will become a battleground. Though it is a good land, many are leaving it behind for other provinces, some even for the frontier. Even those that stay are often retreating into the forest, preferring to hide in the deep woods and their believed threat rather than face the actual threat of the Theocracy. Major cities are Treereach in the northeast, Kinghill in the central area, and Ravenbay on the coast. The governor is Sir Nloech Flamewolf, a former knight turned to politics.


The western of the two contested provinces, Deepcrag was never very large or very grand. Its major strength is a large lake in the deep woods, and it is from this shrouded area that guerrilla fighters against the Theocracy originate from. The governor is Rical Deathknell, but perhaps not for much longer.


Even more harried than their neighbor, the eastern contested province yet has the benefit of many islands off of its coast. It is believed a sacred shrine to the Gods is on one of these islands, and the residents do their best to defend their land. The mainland of the province is almost entirely claimed by the Arkandites at this point, but resistance still rests in the islands, which have managed to hold against the Theocracy's navy with tricks of fog and magic. The governor is Lady Ravalai Stormraven, a very canny priestess of Earthmother.

The Frontier

Last hope of many, the frontier has begun to see outgrowth once again. The Council road through these ways, long overgrown and washed out, has been beaten down by travel once more. Small inns have sprung up along its length to support the steady trickle of refugees, many who wind up stopping at a good location, creating small hamlets centered around a roadside inn. Yet others press on into the wilderness, and are not often heard from again. Perhaps they found a place to their liking, made some deal with the elves and dwarves, or simply ran afoul of the many dangers that face travelers though the forgotten lands.