The Pantheon of the Orcs

Unlike the Council gods, the Orcish pantheon is a conglomerate of dieties from the religions of the races of the Empire.  Instead of a band of humanoid dieties, they are inhuman forces that only rarely take on the form of mortals.  Some are animals and vermin, others are elemental forces, while still others are inquantifiable concepts.  Humans have agonized for countless centuries over why their gods allow these others to exist, and the answer they have received is that the gods of darkness will be eliminated when the humans eliminate their worshippers.  Each of the gods seems to have a favored opponent among the gods of the Council, and each also seems to have a favored race amongst their own followers, though no race worships one god to the exclusion of the others.

Relkor Relkor

The darkness that crawls, the smothering deep, the consoling father.  In contrast to the sun-goddess of the Council, the chief god of the orcs is shadow embodied.  This worship shows the crucial difference in the systems of belief, for where the humans see light as the natural state, the orcs see the day as just a temporary absence of darkness.  

Relkor is the god of the earth and the Orcs, and bears a special animosity for Wildstalker.


Diety of transformation, patron of lycanthropy.  Xalbrathe maintains uncounted forms, never appearing the same way twice, and is blamed by the Council lands as the cause of the changing curse of Lycanthropy.  

Xalbrathe rules over the sphere of air and is the special foe of Earthmother.


The mistress of disease, lady of survival.  Atrahne is the rat-goddess, purveyor of illness and the ability to resist its ravages.  She is unendingly hungry, and sickness is her mouth feeding on the ravaged.  

Not only does Atrahne exist as the goddess of disease, but is also the patroness of Undeath, making her a particularly hated foe of the Council elves.  She also exists as the embodiment of the destructive effects that fire brings, which brings her into rivalry with the sun and Skydancer,  as well as the positivity inspired by Woundhealer.


The god of conqest and war, Merrant has no form of his own but lodges in the hearts of all those who practice battle for battle's sake.  He imbues his chosen with great prowess and always opposes Oathbinder.  

Merrant is, perhaps, the least despicable of the Orcish dieties, formed from the concept of building up after tearing down.  He is hated obviously by Oathbinder, but also by Soulforger for corrupting the concept of creation.

Paovask Paovask

The jackal goddess, queen of hunger, misery, and transcendence.  Paovask is the embodiment of hunger and the lengths that mortals will go to fill their bellies at the expense of their higher ideals.

It is unknown what other elements the heading of transcendence covers, though it is believed that the constant greed extends into knowledge as well, making Paovask the patroness of whatever scholars there are in the lands of Orcs.  Her foremost enemy is Rainweaver, for the ephemeral goddess' own motives.