Oathbinder War Cry: "Until Death!"

Creed: "Oathbinder wills it!"

Mantra: "My faith is my shield. Though my body may suffer, my soul remains unharmed."

Shield of WarGreatest patron of the Concordat of Kent, the god represents all forms of knightly and just warfare.  His followers can be found wherever injustice has sparked conflict, fighting for the side that is being unfairly persecuted.  Might fights for right, not to determine it.  The god is also a great patron of the arts, surprisingly enough, and often inspires the lovers and families of those he has called away to follow his duty to great acts of creation in order to occupy them while their loved one is absent.  Advising good tactics over force, he is unwilling to sacrifice more than is necessary for gains.  He rarely manefests, though his priesthood often finds his presence symbolically in portents and animals upon the battlefield, feeling that his favor is upon them.  The majority of his priesthood are warriors in some form, and most paladins are called to follow his cause.  As expected, hierarchy depends on doing great deeds for others, and improving oneself.  His weapon is the longsword, and his emblem is a small stylized shield of steel.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Destruction, Earth, Protection, War