Earthmother War Cry: None in particular

Creed: "All life arises from the forest, and thence does all life return."

Mantra: "My faith is rooted in the earth. Though the winds of fate may blow strongly, I shall not be uprooted."

Tree of LifeThe goddess of green and growing things, the mother of the earth provides the nourishment that all beings depend on to be able to fulfill themselves.  Wise in the secrets of nature, she has kept many of her secrets to herself, bestowing them only on the most favored of mortals.  Unlike many of the dieties, she is far from loathe to enforce her will directly on the world, enacting her needs through her plants, directly manefesting through her Dryad and Nymph priestesses if needs be.  Priests of the goddess suffer the capriciousness of nature.  Her worship is matriarchical, and men are scrutinized with great difficulty before being allowed in the order.  Stories circulate of men who have petitioned the goddess and performed great magical rituals in order to change their gender to progress into the hierarchy of the wooden church.  Priestesses travel the land, and Druids are more common than their traditional counterparts within the organization, seeking to right problems with nature.  They work very closely with rangers in order to keep the natural areas safe.  The emblem carried by her worshippers is that of a piece of strong wood, fallen naturally, carved by the hand of the priestess into a shape pleasing to both herself and her goddess.

Alignment:  True Neutral

Domains:  Air, Earth, Growth, Plant