The Organization of the Cosmos

This page houses information on the structure of the universe beyond the shores of Aladagia - above and across.  As new information is found about how the world truly works, it will find its way here.

The Skies

The Year is based on the passage of the Silver moon of Fate - Terath (Month) and the Cobalt moon of Magic - Altagan (Week)

There are four other planets in the sky: Fey, Ember, Mithral, and Adamant.   The planets all align roughly once every 13 years.

The Celestial Cycle of the Year

Each month is named after a minor deity or demigod. Each year is named after one of the seven major deities in an ever-renewing cycle.
32 Days in a Month, 4 Weeks in a Month, 8 Days in a week

Week 1 (New Moon and Waxing Crescent Terath), Week 2 (First Quarter and Waxing Gibbous Terath), Week 3 (Full Moon and Waning Gibbous Terath), Week 4 (Last Quarter and Waning Crescent Terath)

Days of the Week (Determined by Altagen)

Darknight - Rest Day (New Moon), Newbirth - Religious Day (Waxing Crescent), Nameday (First Quarter), Lifesong (Waxing Gibbous), Azurenight (Full Moon), Coldbreath (Waning Gibbous), Deathcall (Last Quarter), Mourning - Religious Day (Waning Crescent)

The Cycle of the Months

Thallarant  -  Early Winter, Reaverant  -  Middle Winter, Cruithnent  -  Late Winter
Elajoant  -  Early Spring, Thallacant  -  Middle Spring, Quanestant  -  Late Spring
Erthonnent  -  Early Summer, Dominiant  -  Middle Summer, Sildant  -  Late Summer
Drant  -  Early Autumn, Ellerant  -  Middle Autumn, Urthant  -  Late Autumn

The Cycle of Years

Year One- the Year of the Sun. (215) (222) (229) (236)

Year Two- the Year of the Craftsman. (216) (223) (230) (237)

Year Three- the Year of Nature. (217) (224) (231) (238)

Year Four- the Year of the Hunter. (218) (225) (232) (239)

Year Five- the Year of the Ephemeral. (219) (226) (233) (240)

Year Six- the Year of War. (220) (227) (234) (241)

Year Seven- the Year of the Child. (221) (228) (235) (242)