The Chronicle of Nalole Bonecry

Time Period: Early 215  Mid 215 Early 216 Early 217 Early 218

Council Era Year 215

Day 1 of Week 1 of Month 2-The first Darknight of the month of Reaverent: Set out from Kinghill with 22 wagons to settle in a new land.

5.2.2-The second Azurenight of the month of Reaverent: Fought zombies in a graveyard near the village of Stone's Throw. Sebrand was paralyzed and nearly killed by the creatures, which were later identified as ghouls, and Vharachthe was hurt as well. After killing two of the eight we could see, we retreated and roused the townspeople, who defeated the remaining monsters. I, Nalole, got the deathblow on one and Vharachthe got the deathblow on the other.

8.2.2-The second Mourning Day of the month of Reaverent: We constructed a bridge across a small river to facilitate the crossing of our caravan.

3.3.2-The third Nameday of the month of Reaverent: We did battle with three Wargs near another river, the three of whom were chasing a Silver Dire wolf. I was rendered unconscious; Lyal and Sebrand dealt deathblows to one Warg each, and the dire wolf killed the third. Sebrand took the heads as trophies.

5.3.2-The third Azurenight of the month of Reaverent: Discovered a strange warding ritual on a series of seven rocks. They were being separated by some mystic force, revealing a crackling and glowing energy in the space between. The writing on the stones was Elvish, but all I had time to make out was that it was rituals of binding, warding, and protection. The others pushed the stones back into place and wedged them there, and we continued on our journey. Of note, however, is the fact that Sebrand foolishly jumped through the energy several times. He is quite likely possessed by some form of monstrous entity.

1.4.2-The fourth Darknight of the month of Reaverent: We located a sign proclaiming, "This is a good place to put a settlement." So we did.

2.4.2- The fourth Newbirth of the month of Reaverent. The morning after the end of our journey. It began with a number of religious processions led by our priests and priestesses, and our paladin. Following the end of the services, we gathered together to discuss important issues, such as the name of our new home and the shape it should take. We eventually decided on the name Nostrum Terminum Viam, shortened to Nosterviam for the sake of convenience. Valoln Goldmere was selected as the mayor of the town. We scouts then decided to survey the nearby forest for possible threats.

3.4.2- The fourth Nameday of the month of Reaverent. The settlement acquired a new leader, a charismatic sorcerer by the name of Nolith. He demonstrated the ability to use a spell called Fabricate, turning the trees felled by our woodcutters into a palisade. He is generally liked by all.

5.4.2- The fourth Azurenight of the month of Reaverent. The south wall of our settlement was completed, by the magic of Nolith. We discussed the possibility of a journey to the dwarves, three days' walk south, to acquire metals or ores.

8.1.3- The first Mourning Day of the month of Cruithnent. We had celebrations to mark the completion of our walls, houses, and temple. This day also marked the weddings of Corselai Goldmere and Sebkrai Goldmere.

1.2.3- The second Darknight of the month of Cruithnent. The former scouting party set out on a parley to the dwarves, in hopes of securing peaceful relations and a possible trading agreement.

4.2.3- The second Lifesong of the month of Cruithnent. We entered the cave system that, we assumed, housed the dwarves. After wandering around lost for a while, we encountered a massive gelatinous cube. Though it nearly proved the end of several of us, the paladin Jessat managed to carve a swath through the beast which made it possible for the creature to be slain before it could devour our comrades. We eventually did find the inhabitants of the caverns, and thanks to our successful killing of the cube, were granted a meeting with their thane. We deemed the meeting to be a success, and the dwarves said that they would send a trade delegation to our town at some point in the near future.

7.2.3- The second Deathcall of the month of Cruithnent. We returned from our journey to the dwarves, reported the situation, and settled into improving our living arrangements.

6.3.3- The third Coldbreath of the month of Cruithnent. The former scouting party decided to go across the river and examine the area. We were quite shocked to encounter a party of four orcs and nine goblins only a one-day walk away from the city. Though we slew them, we felt this was a bad omen. On the return journey, we witnessed what we think must have been a dragon, which if anything was a worse omen than the orcs and goblins.

8.3.3- The third Mourning Day of Cruithnent. We returned to Nosterviam without further incident, and resumed the activities of everyday life.

6.3.4- The third Coldbreath of Elajoant. The former scouting party made preparations and departed on a journey to meet with the elves living about three weeks away.

1.4.4- The fourth Darknight of Elajoant. We encountered a giant weasel that attacked us, but it caused little harm before being dispatched.

2.4.4- The fourth Newbirth of Elajoant. We were surprised to discover that we had already reached the nearest Elf town. Upon nearing it, however, we saw one frightened elf running away from the bridge over the river, and we soon discovered the body of another elf a small distance down the river, within sight of the bridge. We soon discovered that the cause of the fear and death was an infestation of undead-like creatures, who were once elves. They proved fairly simple to destroy, though they had some kind of vampiric touch spell-like ability, I think. At any rate, we soon found a tower where the surviving elves were, having fortified their position and firing arrows at any undead that approached. We were granted entry and learned that one Cyndir, who would appear that night to taunt the survivors, had created the undead. He did appear and taunt as was expected, and though much argument was made, we decided to stay and help the elves, thinking that it would prove our desire for friendship.

3.4.4- The fourth Lifesong of Elajoant. The day started well and ended better. We made an assault upon the undead skulking in the nearby woods. I destroyed one with a Disrupt Undead spell, but Lyal managed to destroy 12 with a mere gesture, owing to the clerical powers granted him by Drandth. We then confronted Cyndir near his house, and he was slaughtered by my compatriots in the midst of a speech in which he likely would have confessed all and given us much information, had he been allowed to finish. Upon dying, he burst into yellow powder and infected both Vharachthe and Ravheim with some sickness, likely that which turned the elves into the shambling undead that had plagued the city. Fortunately, inside Cyndir's diary was a divine scroll with Remove Disease on it, and Lyal was able to cure our ill comrades. When we went to tell the good news to the beleaguered elves, their reinforcements showed up and were going to shoot us, but Solith, the leader of the surviving elves, prevented that. The situation was resolved favorably, and the elves promised that they had no hostility toward us and that they would send representatives to our town to work out trade agreements and the like. We stayed the night and then out for home.

7.4.4- The fourth Deathcall of Elajoant. After pushing ourselves, we arrived home at Nosterviam and reported the successful outcome of the adventure to Nolith, and we all congratulated Lyal on his performance once again.


7.4.7- The fourth Deathcall of Erthonnent. The adventuring party, fortified by the addition of Yaldrana Blacksteel, decided to scout the valley and see what kind of dangers might await the unwary traveler.

1.1.8- The first Newbirth of Dominiant. After having entered the forest to the west of Nosterviam, we encountered an enormous bear, but it declined to destroy us after we fed it.

3.1.8- The first Lifesong of Dominiant. After setting up camp for the night, an owlbear attacked our camp. It was frightened and then routed with little difficulty for our party.

2.2.8- The second Newbirth of Dominiant. During the night, three undead animals attacked our camp in the mountains, but we managed to defeat them handily.

3.2.8- The second Nameday of Dominiant. In the morning, we entered a strange temple in the mountains that we thought might have something to do with the undead in the area. It turns out our suspicions were correct, because the tower, or its remains anyway, were filled with zombie dwarves of some kind. We killed 28 of them and a wight before finding a tiny pittance of treasure, so we elected to leave the tower rather than face more danger for such pitiful reward. Of special note is the work of Yaldrana, who managed to find and disarm most of the traps that protected the pitiful rewards.

7.2.8- The second Deathcall of Dominiant. On our way back to Nosterviam, we encountered the silver dire wolf that we originally saved from the Wargs so many months ago. We learned his name was Silverstreak, thanks to the growling cleric, and we also learned that he likes jerky, so we cemented our friendship with the dire wolf by means of spiced beef sticks.

8.2.8- The second Mourning of Dominiant. We returned to Nosterviam near lunch time and Sebrand practically gave the one good treasure we found to Nolith for examination. After making our report, it was back to business as usual.


Council Era Year 216

8.1.4- The first Lifesong of Dominiant. The adventuring party, bolstered this time by the company of Lhadran Deathknell, set out to survey the land between Nosterviam and the Sargesh Sea, and then take a trip to Kinghill.

8.2.7- The second Deathcall of Dominiant. At the coast, we did battle with a chimera, and smote it mightily.

8.2.8- The second Mourning of Dominiant. After several days of sighting blue-skinned humanoids in the waters of the Sargesh Sea, three of their number approached our camp. We went out to speak to them, and the exchange went well. (We later discovered that they are called Syrenes.) They agreed to send a trade delegation to our city, via the river, when they discovered that we had glass.

8.3.8- The third Mourning of Dominiant. The party arrived in Kinghill. We attempted to drum up more support for settling in Nosterviam both in the city and in the surrounding farmlands.

8.4.3- The third Nameday of Dominiant. After discovering a village that had been slaughtered, we encountered some entity that claimed to be Oblivion. Jessat the paladin, or perhaps Oathbinder itself, forced the entity away. Upon investigation, the party discovered another ring of seven stones, similar to the ring nearer Nosterviam. One stone had fallen down the hill the ring was on. We replaced it and left the vicinity at first light.


Council Era Year 217

9.4.5- The fourth Azurenight of Sildant. After an uneventful return journey, we arrived back in Nosterviam.

5.1.7- The first Deathcall of Thallacant. The normal adventuring party, bolstered by the addition of Yaldrana, Lhadran, and another Blacksteel, set out on the river. Our ultimate destination: Council City.

5.3.4- The third Lifesong of Thallacant. We went ashore on an island that contained two wild dire boars. Being a rather massive war-band, we managed to slaughter both pigs with little appreciable damage except to Sebrand, who was nastily gouged but otherwise okay. We had pork for many days afterward.

5.3.8- The third Mourning of Thallacant. While sailing across the sea to Steelhaven, we were stopped by Kentish vessels, the captain of which made fun of our boat. Despite his rude nature, he did not molest us further and we were soon on our way.

5.4.4- The fourth Lifesong of Thallacant. We arrive at Steelhaven, dock our boat, and take the express carriage to Council City.

5.4.6- The fourth Coldbreath of Thallacant. We arrive at Council City. Many tedious misadventures occurred, including romantic liaisons, wardrobe expansion, fine dining, personal beautification, commerce of both the buying and selling varieties, study, and family reunions. Oh, yes, and the public drunkenness. Mustn't forget that.

6.1.5- The first Azurenight of Quanestant. We depart Council City for Steelhaven by express carriage. Upon arriving at Steelhaven, we immediately load our vessel and depart for Nosterviam.

6.3.8- The third Mourning of Quanestant. We arrive at the mouth of the river that flows past Nosterviam and begin struggling against the current.

7.1.1- The first Darknight of Erthonnent. We arrive back in Nosterviam bearing much alcohol for our thirsty and lamentably sober fellow Nosterviamites.


Council Era Year 218

7.1.2- The first Newbirth of Erthonnent. Early in the morning, a group of strange travelers arrived at the gates of the city. They turned out to be representatives of the Flinds, who desired our aid in defeating their enemies, who had driven them from the home and forced them to settle near our lands. Their enemies were revealed to be called Gnolls. They brought several valuable and impressive gifts to buy our help, as well as promise of trade relations if they could settle. After discussing the situation, it was decided that we (Myself, Jessat, Sebrand, Ravheim, Vharachthe, and Lyal) would at least scout the Gnoll encampment.

7.1.6- The first Coldbreath of Erthonnent. After making preparations, we set off for the Gnoll encampment.

7.2.8- The second Mourning of Erthonnent. We reached the coast of the Sargesh Sea and located the Gnoll encampment. We decided to observe them for a while, to better ascertain their numbers and determine if they were diurnal or nocturnal. We decided that they must be nocturnal, and elected to harass the camp in the morning by using my alchemical concoctions to set fire to some of their boats.

7.3.1- The third Darknight of Erthonnent. Using some of our magical tricks, Vharachthe snuck up to the enemy boats and place my alchemical mixtures in them. One was completely destroyed in this manner, while the other took some damage. The Gnolls began screaming, probably in anger and confusion. We identified their two leaders, one some kind of fighter or warrior, and the other apparently a shaman of some sort. We managed to pierce them both with several arrows as well as an acid arrow, before they were able to retreat to their camp. Twenty Gnolls rushed our position, but 11 of them fell prey to my necromantic magic and fled in terror, leaving only nine for my companions to dispatch. Amusingly, three charged Jessat, and broke around him like water around a rock. After six of their number were dispatched, the remaining three ran. Lyal did minor damage to the sails of one of the remaining enemy ships. We then retreated to plan our next move.

7.3.2- The third Newbirth of Erthonnent. The real fun begins. We decide that our primary objective is to kill the enemy leader and shaman. To that end, we decided to send Jessat and Sebrand into the camp by floating them in on the creek under the cloak of invisibility, after providing them with Mage Armor, provided by Vharachthe and myself. Meanwhile, I would climb a tree and use my ability to pierce their invisibility to keep an eye on their activities. Ravheim and Vharachthe would wait behind the forest line to shoot flaming arrows into the enemy walls, while Lyal waited between the two possible escape routes in case Jessat or Sebrand needed healing or other assistance. I would signal the archers to begin firing after Jessat and Sebrand made their bits by having Chance, my raven familiar, drop a Thunderstone in the middle of the enemy camp. The plan went off almost without a hitch. Jessat and Sebrand got in the city with only a small spot of trouble. Jessat managed to kill the enemy leader, and Sebrand killed the shaman by utilizing a bead of dispel magic provided by Nolith to neutralize the ability of the shaman to detect invisible creatures and then hacking him to bits. Shortly after that, Chance dropped the Thunderstone almost right on top of the large number of Gnolls rushing at Sebrand, giving him plenty of time to loot the tent the shaman was living in. At the same time, Vharachthe and Ravheim let loose with flaming arrows at the camp, causing even more confusion. Four of the Gnolls, apparently the ones now in charge, made a mad rush at our archers. So, Ravheim and Vharachthe shot flaming arrows at them while I pegged them with long range magics. Jessat rushed after them and Sebrand and Lyal also came as fast as they could. They were soon dispatched, and Ravheim and Vharachthe suffered some damage, the first inflicted on us by the Gnolls. After this, we decided to retreat to plan our next move. We decided the wisest thing to do would be to contact the Flinds and attempt to explain our activities and get them to attack.

7.4.4- The fourth Lifesong of Erthonnent. We reach Chimera Island, where the Flinds had set up their settlement. That night, they arrived, and through the use of magic we were able to impart the pertinent details of our expedition and convince them to attack. We set sail with them to the Gnoll camp.

7.4.5- The fourth Azurenight of Erthonnent. We disembarked the Flind ships before their battle, which we managed to be in a position to watch. The Flinds were able to handily defeat the Gnolls, who were still apparently suffering from the loss of their leaders. After the Gnolls were defeated and the Flinds had destroyed their camp and departed, we discovered that the large tree in the middle of their camp was actually a Dryad. Ravheim was pleased, and Lyal was. . . impressed. We set off for home.

8.1.7- The first Deathcall of Dominiant. We returned to Nosterviam and celebrated our victory.