The Academies of Nostervium

Current as of 229

The Magic Academy - The War Academy - The Religious Academy - The Expert's Academy

Nostervium Wizard's Academy

Founded in 227, the Nostervium Wizard's Academy aims to provide a comprehensive education on magic, magic theory, and related skills.  Graduates of the school will have the training they need to magically defend themselves and their city, as well as the power to enhance their mundane trades and endeavors with potent magicks.  Students are rated in Spheres, indicating the level of spells they have been able to demonstrate, and Ranks, demonstrating the variety of spells they have been able to demonstrate.  3rd Rank students have up to three spells in their Sphere, 2nd Ranks have four to nine spells, and 1st Ranks have ten or more.

The NWA - Teaching the skills you need to survive in a magic-rich environment.

Administrative/Teaching Staff:

Nalole Stormcry - Headmaster, Myriad Studies teacher, and High-Sphere Professor, Wizard of the 6th Sphere, 2nd Rank
Agnes Moonthorn - Library Sciences teacher and High-Sphere Professor, Wizard of the 7th Sphere, 1st Rank (at least)
Nolith Darkblood - Spellcraft teacher and High-Sphere Mentor, Sorcerer of the 7th Sphere, 3rd Rank (at least)
Valethe Bonecry - Alchemy teacher and High-Sphere Professor, Wizard of the 5th Sphere, 2nd Rank
Lyalm Stormraven - Concentration teacher and Mid-Sphere Professor, Wizard of the 5th Sphere, 3rd Rank
Yallea Stormcry - Herbalism, Healing, and Social Interaction Professor, Cleric of Reaver
Kyline Splintertoes - General Lores teacher and Mid-Sphere Professor, Wizard of the 4th Sphere, 2nd Rank
Peryanai Moonthorn - Arcana teacher and Mid-Sphere Professor, Wizard of the 4th Sphere, 2nd Rank
Rhikhust Crystaldawn - Magic Assisting Crafts teacher and Mid-Sphere Mentor, Sorcerer of the 4th Sphere, 3rd Rank
Esseleth Deathknell - Engineering teacher and Mid-Sphere Mentor, Sorcerer of the 4th Sphere, 3rd Rank
Pyteha Windsong - Bardic Knowledge teacher and Mid-Sphere Mentor, Bard of the 4th Sphere, 3rd Rank
Esliht Stormraven - Mundane Crafts teacher and Low-Sphere Professor, Wizard of the 3rd Sphere, 2nd Rank
Eslitha Moonthorn - Monster Lore teacher and Low-Sphere Professor, Wizard of the 3rd Sphere, 3rd Rank
Cordrana Deathknell - Architecture teacher and Low-Sphere Mentor, Sorcerer of the 3rd Sphere, 3rd Rank
Elsnahe Windsong - Bardic Theory teacher and Low-Sphere Mentor, Bard of the 3rd Sphere, 3rd Rank

Currently Enrolled Students

Besona Windsong - 2nd Sphere, 1st Rank
Yalle Bonecry - 2nd Sphere, 1st Rank
Sebiht Blacksteel - 2nd Sphere, 2nd Rank
Vhariht Deathknell - 2nd Sphere, 2nd Rank
Rheekhe Goldmere - 2nd Sphere, 2nd Rank
Pytet Whitesnow - 2nd Sphere, 2nd Rank
Pherandai Deathknell - 2nd Sphere, 2nd Rank, Bard
Preur Moonthorn - 2nd Sphere, 3rd Rank
Preuhrai Whitesnow - 2nd Sphere, 3rd Rank
Vahlyan Crystaldawn - 2nd Sphere, 3rd Rank, Sorcerer
Valethe Moonthorn - 1st Sphere, 1st Rank
Iesal Stormcry - 1st Sphere, 1st Rank
Sejal Stormcry - 1st Sphere, 1st Rank
Bosithe Heartrose - 1st Sphere, 2nd Rank
Rhebur Heartrose - 1st Sphere, 2nd Rank
Nolna Stormraven - 1st Sphere, 2nd Rank
Lyroch Deathknell - 1st Sphere, 2nd Rank
Periht Moonthorn - 1st Sphere, 3rd Rank
Lasitai Goldmere - 1st Sphere, 3rd Rank
Lyrcrasa Bonecry - 1st Sphere, 3rd Rank, Bard
Lhall Blacksteel - 1st Sphere, 3rd Rank, Sorcerer
Lhaura Moonthorn - Initiate, 1st Rank
Fytoln Moonthorn - Initiate, 2nd Rank
Lyral Moonthorn - Initiate, 2nd Rank
Tyel Moonthorn - Initiate, 2nd Rank
Rhebna Darkblood - Initiate, 2nd Rank
Pytkra Darkblood - Initiate, 2nd Rank
Pytin Heartrose - Initiate, 2nd Rank
Iesert Bonecry - Initiate, 2nd Rank
Ravyana Whitesnow - Initiate, 2nd Rank, Bard
Lyalmhe Stormraven - Initiate, 2nd Rank, Boarding Student
Stefinhe Bonecry - Initiate, 2nd Rank, Boarding Student
Sebsat Windsong - Initiate, 3nd Rank, Boarding Student
Boscras Windsong - Initiate, 3nd Rank, Boarding Student
Varkras Windsong - Initiate, 3nd Rank, Boarding Student
Valacht Windsong - Initiate, 3nd Rank, Boarding Student
Cohrkra Flamewolf - Initiate, 3rd Rank
Uhlcrasa Icemist - Initiate, 3rd Rank
Perok Goldmere - Initiate, 3rd Rank
Fytnol Bonecry - Initiate, 3rd Rank
Stefban Cragwalker - Initiate, 3rd Rank, Boarding Student
Ravechthe Moonthorn - Initiate, 3rd Rank, Sorcerer
Lyina Darkblood - Initiate, 3rd Rank, Sorcerer
Regeta Blacksteel - Initiate, 3rd Rank, Sorcerer
Pytalsae Icemist - Initiate, 3rd Rank, Sorcerer
Regyana Stormraven - Initiate, 3rd Rank, Sorcerer
Regich Stormraven - Initiate, 3rd Rank, Sorcerer
Yalast Deathknell - Initiate, 3rd Rank, Sorcerer
Nololn Deathknell - Initiate, 3rd Rank, Sorcerer
Rahur Deathknell - Initiate, 3rd Rank, Sorcerer, Boarding Student

Sebrand's War Academy

Founded in 228, Sebrand's War Academy seeks to make sure that the men and women of Nostervium are prepared for eternal vigilance against the dangers on all sides of the Frontier.  Created after the Nostervium Company returned from the war against the Theocracy, the stories of the horrors of war ensured that the town was ready to begin training their youths for the day that they might have to fight, again, for their city's independence.  However, the War Academy does not merely teach combat techniques, but also focuses on mundane crafts and professions that can be useful to a warrior while ensuring him a decent living during peacetime.

The SWA - Teaching the skills you need to avoid becoming a victim.

Administrative/Teaching Staff

Sebrand Flamewolf - Headmaster, Bowyer and Tanner instructor, Greatsword and Greatbow master, Two-handed wielding master
Rabetai Moonthorn - Battlefield Medicine instructor, Scimitar and other razored weapons mistress
Corkris Moonthorn - Trapping instructor, Spears and Polearms master
Rhiksal Windsong - Ranching and Animal Husbandry instructor, Mounted Combat master
Perek Windsong - Hunting instructor, Longbow and Shortbow master
Ravheim Windsong - Wood-crafts instructor, Florentine style master
Brantcras Cragwalker - Siege instructor, Longsword master, Shielded combat master
Naloelm Icemist - Fishing instructor, Greataxes and Greatclubs master
Pheur Icemist - Leadership instructor, Blunt Weapons master
Perethai Icemist - Homemaking instructor, Medium and Small Axes mistress
Rohel Goldmere - Tactics instructor, Short Blades master
Tyith Bonecry - Farming instructor, Farm Implements master
Cohrelai Bonecry - Tracking instructor, Quarterstaff and Clubs mistress
Besnol Bonecry - Mining instructor, Mining Implements master
Natasha Splintertoes - Architecture instructor, Crossbows, Slings, and Javelins mistress

Currently Enrolled Students

Ravoche Moonthorn
Rhikura Windsong - Boarding Student
Lyrek Windsong - Boarding Student
Vahlnol Windsong - Boarding Student
Lyrek Windsong - Boarding Student
Fyton Windsong
Ricleue Windsong
Nolina Darkblood
Perelma Darkblood
Rhaelma Darkblood
Esselkras Darkblood
Elseh Darkblood
Lyon Darkblood
Lyina Darkblood
Cohrel Darkblood
Regal Flamewolf
Corele Flamewolf
Pheur Flamewolf
Rhikock Cragwalker
Essatai Cragwalker
Lyrnda Cragwalker
Lasit Cragwalker
Rhesal Blacksteel
Rabertue Blacksteel
Corkras Blacksteel
Yalechta Icemist
Ricehai Icemist
Corok Icemist
Pytalsae Icemist
Lhaalm Silverdust - Boarding Student
Nolal Silverdust - Boarding Student
Varalm Silverdust
Varsat Silverdust
Valrand Silverdust
Pheechta Silverdust
Rabalmhe Silverdust
Uhloln Silverdust
Brantleai Stormraven
Besna Stormraven
Charusthe Deathknell
Devin Deathknell
Lhadran II Deathknell
Rabrand Goldmere
Corich Goldmere
Jesalmai Goldmere
Cohrithe Bonecry
Corle Bonecry
Elsnolai Stormcry
Kelsey Splintertoes
Gertrude Rockbreaker

The Nostervium Cathedral of Seven and Twelve

Established early in the settlement of Nostervium, the church has recently realized the changing times in the city.  As the arcane casters and warriors are beginning to recruit children from all areas of the city, there is fear that children who might have otherwise drifted into religion will be convinced to take up another role.  Therefore, the church has begun an active drive of its own to recruit children into the study of divinity.  Only by keeping a large number of miracle-wielding clerics around can the city hope to maintain its high standards of health and low mortality rates.  The school works by matching students up with priests of the deity they have chosen to follow, while providing a general pool of clerics that can teach general religious skills such as medicine, religious studies, and spellcasting.  Teachers are listed by patron deity, and include the highest level of spell they can teach.

The NCoSaT - Teaching the skills you need to support and heal your friends and family.

Priestly/Teaching Staff

Skydancer - Sebkra Goldmere (4)
Soulforger - Lyle Darkblood (2), Coreth Cragwalker (2)
Earthmother - Corsalai Flamewolf (3), Naloitha Whitesnow (3)
Wildstalker - Ravheim Windsong (3), Lasehai Windsong (2), Lyrok Goldmere (2), Charrand Whitesnow (4)
Rainweaver - Varyana Deathknell (3)
Oathbinder - Sebenai Moonthorn (3), Erela Windsong (4), Jessat Goldmere (Paladin)
Woundhealer - Sebkrai Silverdust (3)

Thallarithia - Cohrekh Deathknell (2)
Reaver - Lhadran Deatkhnell (Paladin), Sebalmhe Deathknell (1), Yallea Stormcry (4)
Cruithne - Corbna Darkblood (4), Cohrkrisa Stormraven (5)
Elation and Joy - Pytast & Tyona Stormraven (4 & 3)
Thallacious - Nolonhe Deathknell (2)
Quanesta - Madalyne Rockbreaker (4)
Erthonnen - Lyrrand Darkblood (2)
Dominia - Rhana Deathknell (4)
Sildaneveya - Elsust Stormraven (3)
Drandth - Lyal Moonthorn (4), Rabetai Moonthorn (Paladin), Ricock Bonecry (3), Elseth Whitesnow (3), Katrina Wallbuilder (4)
Elleron - Rherandhe Whitesnow (2)
Urthana - Rhacrasai Flamewolf (2)

Demigods - Nalole Stormcry (Rhebech)

Currently Enrolled Divinity Students

Lyna Moonthorn
Rikacht Moonthorn
Lahna Windsong
Morgan Deathknell
Reave Deathknell
Lasecht Goldmere
Arelea Stormcry
Brandacht Moonthorn
Pheen Moonthorn
Pheech Windsong
Pytele Windsong
Rahit Windsong
Nalone Darkblood
Ravoln Darkblood
Valsat Flamewolf
Cordranai Cragwalker
Vhaust Cragwalker
Uhlok Cragwalker
Nolin Silverdust
Roeth Stormraven
Laheha Stormraven
Lahnolai Deathknell
Vhaelmue Deathknell
Schtiefsatai Deathknell
Fytberta Deathknell
Nloalmai Goldmere
Vhulle Goldmere
Jesorta Goldmere
Vharoln Goldmere
Lyalma Bonecry
Vhalea Bonecry
Nalokras Whitesnow
Phekra Whitesnow
Lahsal Whitesnow
Vahlle Whitesnow
Vahlkra Whitesnow

The Nostervium Center for Expert Training

Not really an academy like the other endeavors, the NCfET is more like a program.  The Nostervium great-hall now features a large bulletin board where notices can be posted.  Adults who are willing to teach a class, or who would like apprentices, are encouraged to post their names and the job they are offering on the board.  Children who would like to learn a certain trade are encouraged to put an announcement to this effect on the board and hope that someone replies.  On rest days the town organizes workshops and introductory meetings so that children can get a taste of a trade before engaging in formal apprenticeship.  Those who want apprentices for hard labor are encouraged to pay their workers a small stipend to encourage their attraction to the position.  The Center has a small stipend to pay individuals to teach useful trades that are not in common supply in the city.  The end result is a flexible department for continued education that can build on the training of the other academies, or become an education in itself.

The NCfET - Teaching the skills you need to actually make money.